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Who I'm backing in the Oak Park local elections (April 4, 2017)

We're very lucky in Oak Park to have a deep bench. Our community is involved, smart, and progressive. In many instances, with multiple candidates vying for a handful of seats, you can't go wrong in who you select in the voting booth.

These are simply my selections and a few were difficult choices. I've even been swapping a few names in my last edit as I have one-on-one conversations and rethink some candidate positions. Consider these suggestions. But they've risen to the top in my mind for their views on everything from Oak Park transportation issues to their vision for keeping student needs first in long-term school planning. I hope they reflect our diversity and commitment to good governance.

(Candidates, if you feel like you'd like a chance to make me reconsider I'm happy to have a conversation about why I'm voting the way I am for a given position. Feel free to reach out.) 

Oak Park Village Board:

Peter Barber (incumbent)
Glenn Brewer (incumbent)
Deno Andrews

Oak Park Village Clerk:

Elia Gallegos

District 97:

Rob Breymaier
Katherine Murray-Liebl
Charity Anne Caldwell

District 200:

Jeff Weissglass (incumbent)
Tom Cofsky (incumbent)
Craig Iseli
Douglas Springer  Jackie Moore
*I just saw the endorsements from the D200 Vote Yes campaign and take careful note that they list Mr. Springer as an active member of the anti-referendum committee from last fall. 

Oak Park Public Library 

As of the publication date of this post, I haven't had a chance to attend a forum with any library board candidates and have requested but not received platform material.

School District 97

Increase Limiting Rate: 


Issue Bonds: