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I've covered a wide range of topics from modern parenting/fatherhood to sustainable farming. Democratic politics to complete streets transit policy. You'll see environmental issues, reviews of products, places, events, education from early childhood to college, gender roles, comparative religion, and more.

The search box is fairly handy and the archives are there as well. I haven't been good about tagging or organizing by subject matter though. A couple of posts have been published elsewhere, but the originals live here and may be in a slightly different format or have been edited.

About me
The author is a former At-Home Dad who recently moved from Chicago to St. Paul, MN with 2 children in elementary school. He has a degree in Psychology with a Minor in religion from Lake Forest College and spent a dreadful year in law school before heading down his current strange path. Previous experience includes radio station management, directing for the stage, acting, running a political campaign, educational testing, supervising staff at the largest science museum in the United States, greyhound rescue work, and currently works behind the scenes at a corporate retailer. He successfully completed Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative Beginning Sheep Shearing School in 2015.

He is a marathoner, triathlete, roasts his own coffee, and was a local transportation commissioner. "Newfangled Dad" was born in Ohio, lives with a knitting maniac (and handspinner), lives in a 1952 rambler.

Photography portfolio can be found at: