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The tale of the toilet seat

Note: The following product was purchased for our family by us. I am not affiliated with the manufacturer and have received nothing for my opinion. 

We had a game-changer in our household yesterday. This bad boy cost about $30 on Amazon and is an investment I wish we'd made sooner. It's the Bemis 483SLOW toilet seat and I never thought I'd have glowing things to say about a freakin' toilet seat, but I do. It's an engineering marvel. Parents, if you have young kids too small for a full-sized grownup toilet, this is it.

The anticipation on our purchase was actually magnified because yours truly screwed up the first shipment and accidentally bought the elongated version. Don't do that. Your toilet is probably the standard "round." Even if it looks oval. I promise. Measure if you doubt.

We'd been living with multiple devices up to this point...the standard plastic, on-the-floor potty that you have to empty. Pain in the ass for both floor space and cleaning. And a plastic, padded, character-branded ring for the real toilet so it fit better on my oldest. Also a pain in the ass...the toilet seat, I mean (and him sometimes when I think about it). Both items end up being pretty disgusting after some use, that's all I'll say.

The new Bemis, however, is a dramatic improvement. It's made of molded wood and is very sturdy with well-made pieces and parts. The lid has special technology which prevents it from being slammed shut...which you know your kid does! This thing is brilliant. After you've installed it with special bolts that prevent over-tightening, the seat itself snaps off the toilet bowl to let you clean under the seat. The child seat then clicks on between the lid and adult seat and is magnetized to the bottom of the lid so that if your kid forgets to put it back in place it automatically raises for the grownups the next time you put the lid up.

I'm telling you, whoever came up with this toilet seat is an absolute genius! The one unforeseen issue is that my children have developed a bond with the potties they learned with so that we had uncontrollable crying at the loss of our old gear. Their mom and I have promised to keep them safe for a bit. They'll probably be secretly tossed after they've been forgotten about, but I understand the sentimental attachment so we'll let it go for now. Beloved froggy potty and racing car seat will go to a better place.