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It's not my best photographic work for a variety of reasons. (I'm still waiting on my shipment of extension tubes, for one.) But, hopefully, it's a reminder in the cold and snow that Spring isn't so far away. 

There's actually a story about this little flower. He was $2.99 at the grocery over the weekend and his purchase involves my daughter, crying, deeply saddened in the checkout line about a piece of greenery from the floral department that was on the floor. She'd picked it up and claimed it for her own. While it wasn't exactly brown and dead, it had definitely been stepped on once or twice and was wilting. Her concern and care for it was adorable and heartwarming to the point where the only thing I felt was appropriate to calm her was something alive. 

So I introduce to you "Planty Planticus." That's first name, last name...I think. It's really the fair solution to a sibling argument about which should be the first name. It started closed, but with some water and a couple days in the window with afternoon sun it's become fragrant and a wonderful little symbol. It's grown taller, has new blossoms, and seems to be thriving.