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Happy Thanksgiving

As I took my daughter to school in the rain just now, was thinking about all the debate going on about the Syrian refugees. They want the same things for their kids that I want for mine.

To go to school.

Someplace dry and safe.

To be left alone to live in peace how they choose.

They're not terrorists. At one point in time, somebody thought all our ancestors were unsafe, dirty, violent, and would undermine the nation...Irish, Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jews, Catholics, former slaves. Now it's Mexicans and Syrians and anybody who wears a hijab.

Do you know what made the Pilgrims get in a tiny 100 x 25 ft boat and (illegally) cross the Atlantic to face nearly certain death? It was illegal to not attend the Church of England & they faced execution and prison if they stayed.

Sound familiar? Happy Thanksgiving.

Violent illegal immigrants practicing religious fanaticism circa 1620