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2 steps forward, 1 step back

Sorry for the visit into "that" parenting territory...this is one of "those" posts. You've been warned--potty training ahead.

One of my kids has made huge leaps this school year to the point where I'm ready to call my oldest "done." Yes, there are still very infrequent accidents but they are by far the exception and not the rule. If he does have an accident, it's always being wet and never the more unpleasant kind. He can--with some help--use the restroom in public places. Sometimes the facilities aren't made for preschool size so I need to lift him up if there is no stool. Or get the soap for him. Sometimes pants are hard to adjust at the end. But he knows when he has to go and goes on his own without even asking if we're at home. He wears underwear without problems to the point where we've stopped buying training pants. He's done with all that.

My youngest is another story. She briefly showed some interest in trying to transition, but it was mostly about the reward not the independence and maturity. Which I now know from my seminar was the wrong way to go. She should be doing things because she wants to, not because she wants a long period of time to watch iPad videos, stickers, a toy, or a fish. (Though my son has been promised the fish for no longer needing pullups. That's a story for another day.)

The unwillingness to even try anymore, however, has brought up an interesting situation in our house...we're giving up for the moment. When she's ready, we'll try again. Until then, we're not even going to bring it up other than as a mild suggestion. Diapers are cheaper. Honestly. Why pay the premium to struggle with training pants on a preschooler who has no use for them? So we now have one child potty trained, no child in pullups, and one kid back in diapers.

In a way, it's counter intuitive. It feels weird not trying. But I've tried to compare it in my head to our decision to ditch cloth diapers back in the day and have both kids in--one size no less--disposables. Not only is there finance to consider, but convenience factors. For those of you thinking of trying cloth diapers, by the way, we highly recommend the local Chicago-area diaper service. We used our own covers and wish we could have continued. Even then, however, we never could make the idea of carrying around a wet bag for dirty prefolds work. So we always had disposables in the diaper bag for travel and made cloth the choice for home.

This is just a phase, but it's where we are. Maybe some other families with young kids will find our take helpful. Just in a "whatever works for you" kind of way. There's a lot of pressure out there, but if your kid isn't ready leave it be.