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Bonkers for books

What we recommend...

Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts
Charming story of a little girl who loves to invent, is ashamed of her failures, but gradually learns to develop a no-quit attitude thanks to her WWII airplane-building aunt. The words are in rhyming verse and the pictures have a graph paper and pencil quality. Inspiring for a whole new generation of scientists!

A Pirate's Life for Me! by Julie Thompson and Brownie Macintosh and illustrated by Patrick O'Brien
This non-fiction pirate adventure was a pick by my 4 year old son with no help from me. And it's awesome! It features a "day in the life" with all the hard work and grit...but told in a non-scary and not overly-graphic way. The book walks the perfect line between educating, entertainment, and being age-appropriate for the kindergarten set. Even I learned about the reasons pirates wore earrings! (Body identification when washing up onshore and payment for burial.) 

There are No Moose on this island! by Stephanie Calmenson and illustrated by Jennifer Thermes
Inspired by real-life events, this is the story of a small boy trying to get his know-it-all father's attention to witness a Maine moose during an outing. Some great moose facts at the end, too. 

Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen
Weird. But not bad. A little girl finds an endless box of yarn, knits colorful sweaters for a black and white town, an evil Archduke arrives to steal her treasured supply. What will happen? Still trying to decide if it's more whimsical or strange. Both?