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Chicago City Dads on the Wrigley Rooftops

I've been to many a game at Wrigley Field, but last night was my first time hanging out on the rooftops across the street. Met a great group of guys, talked a little baseball, talked a little child-rearing, ducked for cover for a little bit while it rained, and had an overall fun time.

Strangely enough, one of my old co-workers was posting pics on Facebook of her view from Left Field and it turns out we were just a few addresses apart on Waveland. I was fairly impressed with the setup of our location. Not that different from a luxury suite...just really far away from the action. After giving your name at the door, you head up to the 3rd floor where there is a narrow room with large windows to watch from inside (useful and crowded during the storm). The bar and main food station was at the back with a small appetizer self-serve bar up front. Arriving up at the rooftop, there's a small front patio with nice furniture then terraced tables which they had reserved for each group. After the rains, I actually decided the best view was at the top where you could see more of the outfield. Where they originally sat our group near the bottom it was mostly a view of the infield...but a clear shot of home plate. Finally, there was a back set of stairs with a bar halfway between the rooftop and back door for the 3rd floor. Pretty nice setup with restrooms on both levels. The beer selection gets a B- from me. The food was a solid B. Between the all-you-can-drink and the all-you-can-eat, I got my money's worth from the ticket.

Let's be honest here, however, the purpose is socializing because the view of the game stinks. I feel the same way about the famous bleachers though. Those are fun, but overpriced and not my favorite seat. Other than the couple of times I've splurged and gotten Club or Field Box, my favorite place to watch a Cubs game is probably the lower part of the upper deck.

I was telling my new friends that I remember back in the "old days" when pitchers used to go sit on the rooftops to watch the game when they were certain they wouldn't be needed. File that away along with paper beer cups as things that change. I'm lucky enough to have also caught the end of the "no ads" era at Wrigley

Interesting discussion on the Red Line on my way back to the Loop. A car of Cub fans talking. Plus a few White Sox fans. Which is usually a recipe for a fight. But as the topic shifted to the lack of fans attending games, the Sox fans were a fairly understanding bunch when it came to dealing with an empty stadium. (Something they've seen for awhile.) Less a competition and more a sadness that Chicago baseball is in crisis. One of the Cubs fans offered that his friends with season tickets can't find takers and that Cub fans are finally getting wise and staying home.

I didn't join the chat but just listened. If I had spoken up, I'd probably have agreed that for an overcast Monday evening game I was surprised it was as full as it was. Though many of those fans were there for the 1st place Brewers...sometimes the cheering for Milwaukee was just as loud. But turnabout is fair play after years of Miller Park being jammed with more Cub fans than Brewers fans.

In the end, the Cubs came from behind to tie it and even had some great defense throwing out a runner at the plate. But they showed their true colors immediately after that spectacular play by allowing runs...3-1 was the final.