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Happy Newfangled Milestones!

I'm not really one of those bloggers who celebrates each new Twitter follower with a cake. Pretty much the same way you'll get a polite "good morning" or head nod from me if we pass each other on the sidewalk while running or on the bike path.

But I felt like saying a few words this time.

I'm a small blog. Some of these operations get 100k pageviews a month. But I'm new content driven, work by myself, have no advertising, and don't promote myself heavily. So I consider my impending milestone of 25,000 readers to be a major achievement. I average, currently, about 1,200 hits per month.

Oh, did I mention this summer will mark the 3rd Anniversary of Newfangled Dad? Roughly 500 posts in those 3 years. When I started this little blog in 2011, I had no idea what to write or even who would read it. At that point, I had a barely year old son. No daughter. I was still working. Now, I have readers in 10 different countries.

You read me on your phone. You, apparently, love my off-topic, non-parenting posts because those are the historical most popular. But some of you type me into the Google machine looking for God-knows-what and stumble across me. You click on the social media links, you get here somehow.

24,000 of you most certainly aren't all my mother and robots. Just this month, I see that at least 10 of you curious folks have come from triathlon websites where I'm listed. Which sort of warms my heart in a reciprocal kind of way. You click a link on the internet and think "this woman in Utah who makes her own strawberry jam but runs a website about death metal is way cool." Somewhere out there are people going "this Stay At Home Dad who writes about politics, single-origin coffee, and running sure is oddly intriguing."

If there's one thing I'd like on my grave marker, that may be it. "Oddly intriguing."

Anyway, this is all just one long rant of me saying thank you. Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to be even vaguely appreciative of the ramblings here. You often aren't big on the "comments" thing, but I know you're all out there. Lurking. 3 years later I'm wiser, better, more aware, more curious, more are all, metaphorically speaking, the cheering and topless audience to my Rolling Stones.

Thanks for making me feel like a Dad superstar. I'll let you know when we cross the big threshold.