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More than too much candy

The weather forecast said there was supposed to be a window of 0% chance rain around 4pm yesterday. The green on the radar was moving from south to north when you watched it and a patch of clear skies appeared to be moving into our area. But when 4pm rolled around, the forecast suddenly jumped to 55% chance of rain. But, by that time, the kids were already in costumes and we were going out no matter what.

It was--considering the weather--an amazing time. The kids didn't mind the rain or getting wet. Cole asked to walk even. So we crossed the street and went over one block to where there are houses rather than condo/apartments. We weren't sure what to expect out of the little ones, so decided almost right away that we'd do one "full" block meaning up to the stop sign then back down. The kids were great though! They said "trick or treat" and "Happy Halloween" and "thank you" and took only a couple pieces from the bowl even when they were told they could take as much as they wanted.

In our neighborhood, the people handing out candy tend to wait on the porch or have their door open, ready. There were a few houses obviously dark. A few houses, curiously, with porch lights on and Halloween decorations up...but nobody home. My guess was either not home from work yet or already out going door-to-door. We're a step up from my hometown that has Beggar's Night 2-3 days before actual Halloween. (Something about a fear of the horrible things that may happen on the real night?) But our Chicago suburb sets the Trick or Treat hours from 3-7pm. Which isn't even dark yet and people are barely home from work/school. I was happy to hear that some places with bad weather delayed to tonight or tomorrow...I think a rain date for it would help.

There were a decent amount of people out with their kids last night in the rain around 5pm. Not as many as in years past. But it wasn't like we were the only ones. Most of the houses were expecting a slow night so those of us who were there got more helpings of candy. After about one side of the street, Cole decided he was done and Leda was getting cold--despite the fact that it was 60. Cole was ready to go home and eat the candy now...which is our rule. You get to go home and eat as much as you want then candy is rationed starting the next day. A few pieces didn't do very well in the water-sogged buckets. Dots, especially, were goners. M&Ms ran onto the inside of the wet paper package. Anything in foil or plastic was in decent shape though. Mom and dad had a few pieces. The kids each ate their fill. Cole maybe a little more than he should have and in greater variety than he's used to. A collection of hard candy, chocolate, jelly beans, etc.. So we weren't that surprised when he said his tummy was upset. Well, you ate all that candy!

Not too long afterwards, he scared himself (he's never been sick before) by throwing up all over the living room carpet. We cleaned up and got him into the bath thinking this would be the stereotypical "now that you threw up you should feel better." But he didn't. He continued to vomit throughout the night and we both get parent awards for cleanup. Kelly for scrubbing and tending to the patient. I get the award for most laundry done in a single evening. By about the 3rd time, we taught Cole how to (sort of) hit a plastic tub. Though we had multiple changes of towels, sheets, rags, clothes. It was our first experience with it as a family...definitely not fun and something to look forward to all you newbies.

Kelly gets mom of the year for nursing...she stayed with him, talked to him, slept in his room most of the night. Even Cole recognized how nice the mama was being to him and appreciated the extra attention. Though Leda did not. She was sleepy and wanted attention and wasn't happy she was being ignored all night. It was rough for everybody.

Cole was sick for the last time around midnight and finally fell asleep after that until 5am or so. Given that we weren't sure what was going on, we kept him home from school since he hadn't had any food in hours. No fever, no other complaints. Odd. So this morning we worked up to juice and crackers then some pretzels and not only has everything stayed down but he's been demanding more, running around, and in a generally good mood...though he still insists his "tummy is sick." Clever boy perhaps wants to milk this a bit?

He complained about being a little tired so he went for nap about an hour early. Same with Leda. I think everybody deserves a little rest. We're just happy there doesn't appear more too it than the strange case of a post-candy illness for a few hours.