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Blog changes

I decided the time was right to make some small updates to the blog. I weighed a more major layout tweak, but opted to not rock the boat.

The most obvious thing you'll notice, dear reader, is an About Me section. I'm blessed to not just have my mom and friends reading my ramblings. (I have no clue why, but thanks.) As I interact with strangers--and people stumble onto my website for information--I decided it would be helpful to have more than just a one line bio to put a few things more in context.

There's nothing worse than trying to read someone's blog for the first time and being blinded by tabs and links. So I'm keeping it simple. Just a brief background on my...umm, diverse...time on this planet. You'll find some of my race history along with what I have on tap for 2014 (soon). Time will tell what goes in that space (fingers crossed).

As always, you can find me on Twitter, too, and comments go directly to my e-mail. I'm working on a possible e-mail address specific to the blog. This will go in the About once it happens.

Again, thanks for reading!