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Invasion of the grandmas

This time next week, a small army of grandmas will be storming into town. Ok, so maybe it's just two of them. And maybe it's more like they'll be quietly arriving by car and bus. But that's a lot of grandma firepower to bring to the weekend.

You see, we're going out of town. Kelly and me. No kids. It started as a week in London, but gradually transformed from wine country to New Orleans to the Oregon coast and settled on rural northern Wisconsin. It's fall. There are wineries. And sheep farms. And kayaking. And lighthouses. It's going to be very, very nice to get away.

The grandmas, on the other hand, were unsure about single-person grandparenting both kids. That seemed like a lot. And we don't blame them...good luck with Leda, lately! So they're staying and taking Cole to school and fixing their snacks and probably spoiling them rotten. And that means it now becomes a monumental task for us to prepare them for their task.

Not just visiting. But knowing their schedule and where stuff is. Making sure they have snacks and groceries in the house. A car seat in the car. Not to mention preparing for the psychological task of us leaving the kids for the better part of 5 days. Doctor phone numbers. The ER I think they can find since it's just a couple blocks away!

I think the kids are going to have a blast. We've been counting down the weeks until the visit and Cole emphasizes two grandmas. Both of them. Here at the same time! All weekend! It'll be heaven for the grandkids. Let's hope the grandmothers feel it goes so smoothly.

At the end, it will be Leda's 2nd birthday. Which is almost too much to think about right now. I can't believe my little preemie is so old! Still tiny. And still a diva.