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A is for Apple

Yesterday, we had a great time at Fall Fest...but, first, a funny story...

On Friday, Cole's teacher had asked for parents to send an apple to school this week for an upcoming project where the kids would be cutting open the apples to see what is inside. So, this morning, I put a shiny green apple in Cole's bag--along with his bowl of raisins for snack--and told him to give it to the teacher to save for later.

Came to pick him up after school and the teacher told me Cole very nicely put the apple in the basket where they would be storing them. She turned away for a couple minutes and came back to find...yup, you guessed it! Cole eating the apple!

Note that he left raisins in his snack bowl.

* * *

We'd originally invited the family from the NICU bed next to us to Fall Fest again. Our two families met up there last year for a sort-of reunion--being a year out of the hospital for both girls. And we've played once at their house for a playgroup. They have stuff going on. We have stuff going on. It's fine. They were having people over for the Bears game so they didn't think they could make it.

Instead, we invited Cole's friend Evan (from our birthday party, beach outing over the summer) and one of Cole's classmates. I think it actually turned out better. Sadly, Evan's mom was sideswiped leaving the event, but the rest of the day was gorgeous.

The weather was a bit chilly but only cold enough for a light jacket and I even got away with a t-shirt and bare arms. We got there as soon as it opened based on last year's running-out-of-stuff crowds. So we headed straight to the "pumpkin patch" where Evan was already busy painting his pumpkin. A strict one-per-family rule this year. And, of course, Cole picked the largest he could find...though Leda was happy with his choice. He painted part black while Leda painted her part white/silver. And they tied red and silver sparkled pipe cleaners to the top.

I had absolutely no faith that Cole would want to ride...forget stand in line...for the hand-powered, kid-sized rail cars at this park. But little dude impressed me with his patience, perseverance, and maturity. He wanted to ride the train, was warned we would probably have a long 15 min wait, but stood with me in line for his turn. When we got to the front, Evan took the next car and the two pedaled around the big circle and through the tunnel having fun.

We ate, we met Cole's friend Max at the sand pit...I was a little disappointed there was no hay maze this year. And, of course, Cole wasn't super interested in riding the horse-pulled wagons. I offered him a candy apple, too, and he didn't want it. Overall, we were there probably 2 hours and both kids were beyond naptime by then.

Busy week this week...I think today was the only day I could pick Cole up by bike. Tomorrow is Leda's storytime. Wednesday we're going to a museum with a friend from college who is in town from Britain. Then the grandma's arrive before we leave for vacation.