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Getting ready for the 1st First Day of School

The first unit of the year is going to be dinosaurs! Cole was very excited to learn that info this morning. There should be a dino coloring page coming in the mail for him to do before the first day, too. He's been anxiously awaiting a letter from his teacher for the last few mail pickups. The letter's not here. But, thanks to the magic of modernity, I've already been e-mailing his teacher so I got an early preview via pdf. Points to her, she replied to my e-mail within hours, has a blog, and is deftly handling nervous parents sending their baby to her classroom for the first time.

When we found out Cole would be entering daily preschool , the district told use we'd be hearing from both the teacher and the bus company about his transportation arrangements. We were wanting a bit of a heads up on the school supplies and getting worried about the ticking countdown to the First Day of School so I happened across the program's webpage and saw that Cole's teacher had posted a recent update. As I told her, our mailman isn't known for being speedy or reliable, so best to be safe and check when--exactly--she was mailing it so we could know when it should arrive. She went even further by offering to call at a convenient time.

Next week is a combination welcome party and open house for the classroom so that should be exciting. The list seems manageable. We have to plan out some daily snacks he's required to take.

Kelly's planning on working a half day the morning he goes. Parents are allowed to come to the classroom in the morning before the actual start, too, to help ease the kids in. I'm not sure who is going to suffer the most though...Cole having to leave us or us having to leave him. He's only been away from us a couple times and that's almost always with family. Leda's birth is one of the few instances with strangers that comes to mind. But I think he's going to love school. New toys. New experiences. Which, granted, he doesn't always do well with. Though he has some innate understanding, in my opinion, that school is a positive thing. He's been talking about it and likes the idea at least. Any place with coloring, books, and occasional visits to the fire station can't be all bad, can it?

At least, I hope he learns to see it that way.