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When I get older...

Now that I've reached a certain age and a certain lifestyle (read: mid-30's, parent, trying to stay active), it really has become small things that give me great pleasure. You sort of realize it the first time when you hit a birthday where you want nothing. I mean nothing. Because if you really wanted something you'd have gone and gotten it already. For yourself. Or what you really want is either too extravagant or too boring.

Case in point--you have no idea how excited I was to go to the bike shop yesterday and buy the extremely exciting...wait for it...two tubes of Nuun, two packets of Skratch (more below), a hex wrench set, and a bottle of chain lube. I'd been thinking about this trip for the entire weekend. I've turned into that guy who is happy in life having the right wrench to finally remove that bolt from that thing. For me, it's a Profile Design behind-seat double water bottle holder that somebody clamped to the saddle with two different size hex bolts--one of them a size smaller than the typical you see on the seatpost or that holds the saddle itself on. I think it's a 3. Totally common (last size on the tool I bought, btw). But annoying because I only had two wrenches...the two most common sizes.

Worse, I've sucked my son into the idea that the bike shop is a super cool place to want to go. I'd promised him he could go with me when he got up from nap on Sunday. But he didn't go down for nap until 12:30pm and the bike shop closes at 4pm. Distract child with homemade sour cherry milkshake upon waking.

So I owed him yesterday. And he did so well he also got to go with me this morning when I bought my second large light roast of the day. The first cup--which Kelly lovingly brought me after her 5am walk--I spilled all over the kitchen floor trying to get Cole leftover Chipotle burrito for breakfast at 6:15am.

Back to Skratch. Some of you may be familiar with it, some not. I'm not linking to it because I actually thought it sucked. I'd heard good things. It's light, refreshing, tastes good, and less carb heavy for athletes since their philosophy is hydration and food should be kept separate when racing and training. I share that philosophy, too. So I took a bottle with me to swim last night and was surprised how much it tasted like endurance formula Gatorade. The same kind of sugary, sweet, stomach-churning stuff I try to avoid. Granted, I'm a Nuun guy. It really is light, refreshing, tastes barely like anything then just a hint of something...but it takes so damn long for those tablets to fizz and dissolve! I was hoping Skratch may offer an alternative, but that's a big resounding no. I'm sticking to Nuun. If my tastebuds, stomach, and performance all like it, then I'm not going to switch out of convenience. Too much is going right.