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When the workout is the easy part...

After a long weekend of doing essentially no training, I was eager to get back on schedule. But it's like the weather gods were conspiring against me trying to keep me away from even my INDOOR workout. It was an adventure last night.

I made the mistake of going to the library first. I had a book due and should have probably just dropped it off. But I opted to park in the underground garage instead and take a look around the lobby instead. Our main branch does a great job of stacking the front area with a selection of new and interesting books. One display is kids. The next is nonfiction. And, not that I usually read it, there is a fiction display as well. Didn't find anything I was in love with reading (I used to read huge 800 page bios or natural histories before kids), but by the time I got back to the car and headed to the gym the rain had started.

I felt especially bad for the Tuesday group riders--I've skipped a couple weeks now--who had been thinking the rain would hold off until 9pm. This was before 8:00 and it was coming down in buckets with thunder and huge bolts of lightning across the sky. I sat in my car for a good 15 minutes debating about going in. I wasn't even sure what the policy was for bad weather and the pool (more on that in a minute). Finally, the rain let up a bit and I hurried inside.

The workout itself wasn't bad. I had to share a lane initially, but a woman was eager to let me join her as soon as I got to the pool deck. Eventually, a few lanes cleared, a got one to myself, and I had 30 minutes of very good swimming. (It was supposed to be 40, but oh well.) My focus right now is on pacing, not getting too excited and going too hard...a running mistake I have to constantly be on guard for...and trying to do some mental exercises to wipe that black line out of my head, stay in a straight line, etc.. Basically, pretend I'm not in a pool so I'm mentally prepared for watching for buoys, not ropes and lanes. About halfway through the workout--with 3 of us in the pool--one of the fitness staff came out and gave a pleasant warning that she's required to let us know there is bad weather and that they recommend we leave the pool. But they can't make us. Trusting that the building is newer and well-grounded, I stayed and swam a few more laps. Like everything these days, apparently indoor swimming during lightning is a hotly debated topic. I'm fairly confident I have my brain wrapped around the science enough to risk myself. It's safe, folks...safer than trying to run to your car, let's put it that way.

Anyway, like karma coming back to bite me, I ended up with a pretty bad scrape from the pool wall trying to get out finally. So there I am, bleeding toe...not electrocuted. Trying not to bleed on everything because I had on sandals. I turn onto the road to come back home and it's flooded. Made it through, but definitely wouldn't have gone that direction and used the other entrance if I'd known. Got back home better late than never. Much longer trip to the gym than usual and I still hadn't eaten, but by that point it just wasn't worth it. I had a glass of chocolate milk for recovery then snuggled Leda--yes, she was still up at 10pm--to sleep.

So that was my evening! Quite the adventure!