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The nice thing about a drought...

Last year at this time, we'd had an amazingly warm, dry spring. Ok, so my half marathon in June was 90 degrees by 8am and everybody had nearly slowed to a walk by the finish. But you could do outdoor activities without looking at the forecast. So what if the crops died and Lake Michigan is so dry that it's at record low levels, right?

I remember the day of our local wine festival where we loaded the kids up in the stroller and wheeled them down our street from tent to tent sampling local vintages. It was gorgeous weather with a cheerful atmosphere. Fast forward to a year later and we've had one of the wettest springs ever with a week full of wave after wave of thunderstorms. Kelly and I are thankful that poor Kieran didn't have to suffer her severe weather panic and pacing on top of her illness. We made the right decision for her in more ways than one.

I'm tentatively agreeing to go along with a couple of Wisconsin-resident triathletes who live near my upcoming race. They're going to ride the west half of the bike course then do the run course tomorrow morning, but the forecast is dicey. Mostly cloudy. High 60's. 20% chance of rain until noon. Then it's going to open up. Which pretty much may kill our attempt at revisiting the wine festival. I'm guessing few people love their vino that much to brave buckets of rain to sip...ok, I'm wrong on that, I'm sure. People will go to great extremes if alcohol is involved.

But after Leda's rescheduled checkup today, I'm going to get my gear together and packed and wait. I'll check the weather when I get up in the morning for a "go, no go." We've been trying to schedule a workout for weeks and somebody is always out of town or whatever. And we're nearly to race week with fewer and fewer weekends for doing a course preview. To be honest, I just want to get familiar with the area. Even if I have to just drive around in the car it will be helpful. I want to get a bike-to-run workout in before too long, but I also need to start practicing transitions. As I've said, I'm fairly happy with my fitness. It's about the mental game now.