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Catching up

So much to write about; so many things happening these days! And the last few posts have been getting some good hits so you all must be hanging on every word I say, right?

Cole is getting conversational finally and really engages in elaborate discussions with you now...frequently about trucks, truck color, where a truck may be, what a truck might be doing, when a truck may come back.

Leda has been talking as well. Not just baby talk, but expressing her wishes with "up" to get in chairs. Asking for a bath...all the time. The kid would take 3 a day if we let her. She's started copying her brother and, (Look, your baby sister does it! Why can't you?!)

The visit with my mom was wonderful and he was very sad to see her return home. We've been trying to ease the pain with promises of a trip to Kelly's mom in Minnesota for Mother's Day weekend. There will be sheep involved so "sheeps" are currently on the radar. Especially in light of Kelly bringing home stuffed alpacas from Yarn School. Which they fight over. Cole calls them "packies." "Where's my other packy?"

We took a trip to Morton Arboretum one day last week--we now have a membership there and look forward to biking and visits all summer--it's an amazing place. After several visits to the Children's Garden we finally made it to the boardwalk/stream/rocky area up on the hill and Cole was brave enough and coordinated enough to do the rope bridge. We even gave Curious George a high five!

The Mama came home from Yarn School so there's been lots of talk about airplanes...Grandma went home on one promising to return for Cole's birthday in July. So things are getting back to normal. Kelly back at work and the kids and me falling into our old routine.

Yesterday was beautiful and 83 degrees so we got adventurous with our first ride in the bike trailer. It's been sitting in the basement since we got it at Christmas with high hopes...I've been cautious in thinking we'll be spending countless summer days riding to the park. You never know how it will be received. But I brought it up on the patio for my mom to see over the weekend and the kids wanted to climb in and get strapped down for a ride. Me pulling them around the side yard rickshaw-style. That raised my eyebrows a bit so I got bold to ask Cole if he wanted a real ride while we were out playing yesterday. He said yes, helped me set it up, then sat in it patiently-yet-excited while I got my gear ready.

Leda has been the one who loves her helmet on in the house but she got a little cranky about it during the ride. Other than that, she fell asleep. We have a Burley brand which is very high quality...roll bar, safety flag, room for two kids. I was very, very impressed with the ride quality. Pulled them around the neighborhood at about 10 mph. Had it up to 14 mph at one point but I wouldn't want to go much faster. I stayed close to home in case they hated it, but Cole just sat quietly and kept asking for more. We even came home at one point but he said "keep going" and so we crossed our nearest busy street at a traffic light and hit a second neighborhood. So fun! I'm a little sad that today is not shaping up weather-wise. I'm so excited about the bike rides with them.

Last, but not least, Kelly and I got our date night we've been waiting for. Book of Mormon then sushi at Kamehachi in Old Town. In general, it was an amazing evening. We had some time to kill before the doors opened at the theatre so we took a walk around Millennium Park and enjoyed all the people out for the first nice day of the year. We had great seats for the show...and what a show it was. So wrong, vulgar, offensive...and wonderful. The singing is above average even if you may not be constantly blown away. But the dancing is what got me. We've been talking since seeing it about the way that so many styles were used and seamlessly integrated to give the show a very high quality. We both had issues with the way that the director/actor chose to play Elder Cunningham, but we left in the end not only laughing our butts off but impressed with songs in both acts. We definitely recommend--though, like the producer, agree it is NOT for children. It's a horrible, horrible show at least with regard to language and graphic content. Be warned what you're getting into. That said, you'll probably pee your pants from the funny. It mocks somewhere between South Park and Monty Python. But expect a higher quality. The songs are well-written and catchy, the set design good, and I'd probably give it an 8 out of 10. Maybe a 9. It's no Les Mis or Phantom if you're coming for that kind of Broadway show. Don't expect lots of one actor in the spotlight doing an overly emotional number. It's lots of big show tunes and moves at a nice, steady pace.

Dinner was excellent. Great atmosphere (dim, stylish, excellent service) and even better food. We had drinks (a cherry noir Grey Goose fizz for me) and edamame. Then some veggie tempura, spicy salmon rolls, and a house specialty of different wasabi sauces on a mix of fish and crab. Looking back, I would have wanted twice the amount of spicy salmon rolls...they were my favorite. And we wish we had more opportunity to get out and it was closer because there was much more on the menu we would love to try. If you're in Chicago, it's just south of North on Wells. Definitely check it out.