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Toddler nonsense

This morning I was sitting in Cole's room while he tried to lay his railroad tracks up the wall...since that wasn't working, he told me he'd be using a spoon to "cut" the radiator out of the way. Later, he was behind a window curtain in the living room playing with some nail clippers and hitting plastic blocks--only the clippers were "kicking" the blocks. Each time he would take a golf-style swing he'd shout "kick." Typical. Non sequitur life with the under 3 set sometimes feels like living inside French experimental theatre. The square root of 3 is turtle. He likes two spoons to eat yogurt. Leda likes to stick her tongue out at you and her newest trick is playing a game of "Leda says" where when she lifts her arms up you have to lift your arms up--and keep them up--until she puts hers down. The game can start or finish whenever she wants and is always hilarious no matter how many times we've played.

In other news, greetings from my new HP laptop...I'm slowly learning wacky Windows 8 but like it so far. My old one suffered a fate worse than death late last week when the screen malfunctioned despite me being otherwise happy with the hard drive. Thank goodness all my files were backed up. With toddlers, I'd had the plan-ahead thinking to start using an external hard drive for saving photos of the kids and whatnot.

As most of you probably heard, we had massive flooding in Chicago late last week so biking around my area has been hit or miss with many of the local cyclists opting out of regular rides. I chose to run on Sunday instead of my usual long ride--the trail I ride is literally underwater. I did about 6 miles at my marathon pace and faster. Not really sure what my 10k pace is...especially after a swim and 25 mile ride. I've been so focused on swimming and biking that it felt great to get back to my old friend running though. I was actually a little sore the next day--something swimming and biking don't really do to me.

If you don't hear from me again this week, don't's a little crazy around here. Kelly doesn't have to travel for work for once--the conference is in Chicago. So she's got long days at a downtown hotel stuck in a conference room. But she is going out of town on yarn school. Basically, she's heading to Kansas to an old public school campus that a couple bought and turned into a sleep-away craft camp. She's learning spinning, dyeing, and has instructions about food allergies and how to store snacks in the fridge. It really is like she's at summer camp.

Meanwhile, my mom will be visiting to help me cope with the kids. Her birthday is this week so we'll be celebrating that as well. I can't wait to see her, but mostly I know she's coming for the grandkids and they are equally eager to see her. Or will be. Toddler time is a tough concept. We keep saying she's coming, but I'm not sure it will sink in until she walks in the door.

Then, when Kelly comes back, Grandma will still be here and extra day so Kelly and I can have a date night....we're seeing Book of Mormon and eating sushi. Real grownup activities in the city!

So by this time next week I'll have lots of stories to tell. By the way, I crossed the 13,000 readers mark recently...thanks for hanging in there to you regulars! And thanks to you new folks who come to read one or two topics you're searching for.