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If it were only 2 sports, it'd be a duathlon

So I'm feeling great at the pool last night (even without a rest day after my first fairly intense bike ride of the season). I'm in the middle of a ladder set, good rhythm going, feeling effortless...when who should walk up but my swim instructor who had just finished up a class.

And she was willing to give me a few laps worth of free coaching so who am I to complain? So we talked for probably 10 min...she walked alongside me as I swam a couple lengths, noticed a few things, and tried to give some feedback for improvement. Apparently, I'm doing a weird flipper-thing with (only) my left arm where I'm pulling too far back. Good to know. As always, she yells "high elbows" at me to remind me to, well, keep my elbows high. But other than that, I look good. And by "good" I mean like someone who could possibly pass for a triathlete.

The bigger question that moves to the forefront now--even before my little chat with Lora--is bringing running back into the picture...and how much?

I've been focusing on swimming and biking so far because those are the two disciplines I'm least familiar with. But now that the weather is getting nicer and my swimming is coming along, it feels natural that I should be shifting focus.

Just this morning, Kelly asked if I was going to be doing any "brick" work. For those readers new to this tri-lingo thing, that's a bike workout followed immediately by a run workout...primarily to get your legs used to the weird feeling of going from spinning pedals to pounding the pavement. And the answer to that is, yes, I plan on getting a few short runs in after some of my bike rides--especially as my training hits a peak for this race in May/June.

Other than thinking I need to get a mile swim in just to "know I can do it" for confidence purposes, I'm getting less and less concerned with how the swim will go. I will be super nervous before the start and ready for my day to get fun once I'm out of the water. That's just the price you pay. But hopefully the weather cooperates this week and I can get a run in...I'm not used to training for a 6.2 mile race so I'm thinking I'm going to mostly focus on pacing/tempo stuff. I can do 6 miles in my sleep from a distance perspective. The trick is going to be figuring out how fast I will be able to go after a 25 mile bike ride.

I have a number in my head, but we'll see if it's anywhere close to reality.