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I am not the Lone Ranger

One of the perils of showing your children classic television is that the black and white and fuzzy picture quality make for interesting opinions. Leda thinks I'm a cowboy. More specifically, a Texas Ranger.

For some reason, this morning she took a dvd out of the drawer with 3 episodes of the The Lone Ranger on it. Why I have that particular dvd we won't go into. Cole didn't want to watch it on the big tv, so I put it on my computer. Soon, I had two kids in my lap watching postwar heroes and villains melodrama with full attention.

Leda kept pointing at the screen to the man on the horse with the cowboy hat, rifle, and horrible 1950's "western" shirt: "Dada."

No, sweetie, Daddy isn't a cowboy. To her credit, the actor did have facial hair.

All Cole wanted was the theme song played over and over. You know, the cheesy run-along shot beside the horse while the Lone Ranger shoots a revolver again and again...straight ahead, at nobody in particular? Leda's other specific interest was the horses.

* * *

Last night during my swim I started compiling my own personal list of pet peeves about the pool. It always makes for good subject matter so people can vent their frustrations at fellow members, but I usually try to maintain a "live and let live" attitude. I'm there to workout and what you do is your business. Though I do see the point in the signs asking you not to sit naked on the locker room benches. Or trim body hair in the sauna.

My own pet peeves:

  • If you're taking up lane space in the pool, use it. Don't have a conversation. 
  • People who do flip turns when they're in the lane by the bench where people put their dry stuff. 
  • People who walk in the shallow lane despite the existence of a warm water "exercise pool." Lap lanes should be for swimming. 
I'm sure I have more, but that was just last night. For those who are curious, the workouts are coming along nicely. Less than 3 months until race day now, but other than making sure I get in the swim distance prior to that, I'm getting pretty comfortable in the water. After consulting a swimming coach with a little more knowledge and knowing how I tend to train, I've taken the philosophy that I want to keep most of my swim workouts shorter (and to the point) rather than do long, boring slogs across the water. I'm more worried about form, becoming efficient, and trying not to start bad habits.