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An 18 month old drama queen

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend, end of spring break and whatnot. Our Easter was a quiet one other than the occasional toothbrush jammed in the dvd player. A lot of our usual weekend haunts were closed so the usual gym/grocery schedule had to be altered a bit. We managed to sneak in a family dinner out at a real, actual restaurant. With a playground trip sandwiched between an ice cream trip. The kids looked for "hidden" eggs. Really, more like Leda stood on the back patio while Cole scooped up our small stash of plastic eggs then wanted to go to the basement to play. But at least he rode his tricycle when he got down there! Kelly cooked a delicious chicken and noodles Easter dinner--yes, we love to be unconventional, even in our spare alone time.

The tricycle, Cole hasn't quite figured out how to keep his feet on the pedals and push. So dad grabbed the handle and did the work. He lasted a minute or two--the longest ride for him so far. And he was excited to get on, so I'll take it! 

My own ride on my own bike was about 13 miles on Saturday morning in chilly-but-sunny weather. And I managed to be welcomed into that sacred group of "real" know, the ones who are standing absolutely still at a stop sign and manage to fall over because they forgot to unclip their shoes from the pedals? Yep. 

Happy Opening Day to all you baseball fans! It's also, not-so-ironically, April Fools Day...Cubs win! Ha, made you laugh. And, to think, my college alumni association wants me to spend $99 to sit on the rooftops later this spring. That's like asking 100 bucks for unlimited food and drink and throwing some junk baseball in for free, if you ask me. All you White Sox fans, don't forget the coming Red Line shutdown which will make it hard to get you to the games via CTA...not that many people go to Sox games anyway. 

* * *

Dear Leda, 

Your mother and I are tired of the whining. Your brother was not like this. Is this early Terrible Twos? Why the drama queen attitude? You wake up in the morning crying. You wake up in the middle of the night crying. You cry about not being picked up. You cry about wanting to get down. 

Oh, sure, you're cute when you're sleeping. You're cute when you're beeping noses. You're cute when you now point to the kitchen and imperiously demand milk. 

You are, however, not cute when eating paper. Taking batteries out of the remote control. Refusing to have your diaper changed and running around naked while we chase you to get your clothes back on...ok, that one might be a little cute. But you're not cute when playing with cords...vacuum, window blinds, computer, phone...or your love of plastic bags. Taking trash out of the garbage and recycling. Pouring milk onto the carpet via your upside down bottle. Smearing banana on the furniture. Chewing up apple slices into little pieces then spitting them out onto the floor. Not cute. Also not cute? Eating dog food. Chewing on mobile phones. Taking all the books off the bookshelf, taking their dust covers off, then ripping the pages. Scattering clean laundry all over. 

You've always been trouble from the moment you decided to arrive early in the middle of a post-marathon pizza lunch. From the moment you were upside down until the last minute--then decided to flip to the amazement of well-trained doctors. Yes, I have a feeling you will always be my little drama queen. 

Your mother and I look back, longing, for the days when we used to wrap you up and put you to sleep for 12 hours next to us in our bedroom. What a wonderful 6 months that was! How easy! You fooled us. 

Of course, on the bright side, at least you weren't the child who threw poop at my foot this weekend.