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The Lent Project: Day 36

My son is obsessed with the juice train.

Oh, he still loves Thomas. But thanks to a couple of books about moving freight, he's become more and more drawn to the process of moving goods from one place to another. His truck book is essentially the story of moving a trailer full of tricycles (keep in mind he hasn't yet really taken to his own) through a variety of highway infrastructure--"tunnel ahead!"--to a loading dock where the cargo is unloaded. Then there's his freight train book with its colorful pictures of the different types of freight cars...yes, Cole knows what a box car, flat car, hopper car, tank car, and trestle are.

Then there is his 5 dvd set of railroading...ok, 4 dvd set because we've lost one. But he's currently stuck on disc 3. Specifically, fast forward to scene 3, please. That's the juice train.

For those of you who don't know--I sure didn't--Tropicana harvests oranges in Florida between October and June each year and sends the fruit to a facility where they produce your morning oj. Through a special partnership with CSX railroad, they have a weekly, mile-long train that runs from FL to two in the midwest in Cincinnati, the other on the east coast in New Jersey. To get you your fresh-squeezed goodness--because, apparently, we northerners drink a TON of orange juice. Actually, tons.

No arguments here, we love juice in this house. Cole loves to watch the oranges roll down the ramp into the facility. Actually, much respect to the little man...the partnership between CSX and Tropicana has won awards and praise for the innovative and effective way it transports the cargo over the equivalent in truck costs, emissions, etc..

Now you know. And, no, my kid is not being paid by Tropicana or CSX to endorse them. Though, hey, guys if you want a great spokesperson Cole would be happy to drink a sippy of oj while saying "juice train" and holding a model refrigerated car.