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The Lent Project: Day 31

Happy Birthday to the DLP today! She's awesome in every awesome that I actually filled the ice cube tray in the freezer in honor of her special day! No big plans here. I have to go bake her a cake so this will be a short entry. We may go out to dinner at some point, but with the kids that usually means not on a Friday night so we'll wait and go at 4:00pm on a Tuesday. Ha. Tonight we'll be watching her birthday gift of Murder She Wrote, I'm sure. And she requested that I do my long swim last night (more on that in a sec) and shop for a few dinner items for a relaxing evening in. Her favorite cheese and crackers, champagne, gourmet chocolate. We'll just settle for the fact that we've booked the bed and breakfast for our fall trip. Woohoo!

* * *

And now...a special message for the men triathletes out there. If you're going to share a lane, please swim. Do not spend 10-15 min resting on the wall chatting up the attractive female triathlete in the next lane over.

So I'm doing my 45 min swim last night and when I get in the pool there's only one other person. Awesome, right? Then a threesome showed up: a lane-splitting couple and their son (?). And he seemed to have school colors on his speedo and be doing a fairly intense workout with flip turns. Nobody wants to share with him unless they have to, right?

Then triathlon dude shows up and wants to swim in my lane...fine. We swim a few laps and then he recognizes triathlete girl from races and starts to talk Ironman and gels and Matt Fitzgerald books (who I love, but not in the middle of a workout, please). The funny thing was that my Ironman Wisconsin water bottle (it belongs to Kelly from when she did it) was sitting at the side of the pool where they both could see it. If he wanted to chat about tri he could easily have started a conversation with me. But I suspect flirting had more to do with this.

* * *

A couple of interesting endurance sports articles today...

Whether doping is a problem in running and why you don't see more testing. 

Marathon finishers are down in 2012 but that comes with a bunch of caveats. If NYC had been run it would have actually been another slightly up year for marathons. But it also means Chicago was the largest marathon in the world last year...kinda cool to be a part of that.