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The Lent Project: Day 28

It seems like these days, when Kelly comes home from work, I can't even keep up with the number of stories to tell about the kids. Both of them are nonstop new things and I frequently forget major milestones or funny behaviors.

It usually goes like this...Kelly: "did you know Leda can now go to the fridge, get a plate, make herself a peanut butter sandwich, pour herself a juice, and then wash the dishes afterwards?" (I wish!) Me: "oops, forgot to tell you because Cole is busy practicing Hamlet and juggling torches."

Ok, maybe the kids would impress nobody but me. I think it's because I see them everyday so I see in real time the major leaps forward. But it's everything from Cole coming to me and telling me to "take her" about his sister to his perfectly pronouncing a word like "raspberry" despite still calling a caboose a "boose." Leda has her own set of amazing tricks--shaking her head no, grabbing you to take you to the kitchen to get something to eat or drink, bringing you books to read.

One of my favorite new trends with Cole is the way he "fixes" things. No clue where he gets it since nobody walks around our house doing home improvement. But you'll find him at any given hour with a plastic wrench/hammer/screwdriver performing minor (ok, sometimes major with the hammer) work on...the crib, the dvd player, your foot, his sister.

But Leda has learned to fight back. I knew this day would come. More like she's an instigator. She goes after Cole with a relentless pursuit knowing full well that the result will be a tackle, slap to the face, headbutt, or being sat on. She just laughs, rolls out of it like a wrestling superstar, then goes for the toy that she knows will annoy her brother just enough to get a response. This is not how I imagined things when we decided to have a second. Ok, maybe it is. I just didn't imagine that the sibling rivalry thing starts so early! Did I mention Leda has learned to pinch? She made Cole cry for the first time ever the other day. Right to his tricep when fighting over a piece of couch real estate. I was still trying to figure out what happened when Kelly told me it was Leda's fault.

Speaking of Leda, remember those swim lessons in April we were signing her up for? Well, we got a rather cryptic refund from the park district...with no explanation, thanks. When we called, we found out she had lost the lottery for the class and not waitlisted. (Class of 10. Waitlist of 10.) So we've opted to put her in the second session of summer lessons instead. Same class, just twice a week in the evenings in July.

* * *
Don't start drinking shots as your recovery drink post-workout...but an interesting study says that drinking alcohol after a workout boosts testosterone. Whether or not this is a good thing remains to be seen. (Does it boost levels or hurt muscles' ability to use it?)