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The Lent Project: Day 27

Crazy time around here.

Friday, I did my first long swim (today starts Week 2 of tri training)...40 minutes in the pool, but surprisingly I made it through and felt great despite the full week of workouts. I think I'm finding my groove in the water and am able to push harder less and relax a bit more. A bit like running in that way...the key to doing better with more miles is to learn to keep loose. The less of a struggle it is, the better you feel.

Saturday then was my long bike which I already am tired of the indoors for. Hoping it warms up soon...I can ride outside for 2 hours straight and it's an awesome way to spend the morning. But an hour on the bike trainer is like torture. I don't envy you folks who train for an early season Ironman indoors. Blah! You couldn't pay me to do a 4 hour ride in the basement.

Saturday we also had a grocery delivery and then had a few odds and ends to get at the store that we don't trust Peapod to select--like fruit. Then we'd made an appointment for Cole to get his second haircut ever. Different place this time...we have a newer kids cut place a few blocks from us. They had a great play area with toys for the kids to wait, free lemonade, a tv on Disney, and the same great race cars to sit in and selection of movies like Thomas. But I think Cole knew more of what to expect this time. Despite the attempted bribe of ice cream, he only made it about a quarter of the way through before screaming, literally, "no more!" and saying he was "stuck." Which is Colespeak for wanting to end whatever it is. I felt sorry for the little guy...he doesn't like people in his space generally. He looks so cute with shorter hair though.

We followed through on the ice cream, of course, even if he wasn't a good boy. Because of a huge local St. Patrick's Day parade, we had to skip our normal ice cream parlor and go to another. He picked strawberry, but ended up liking Kelly's black cherry better.

So far, the time change is taking some adjustment...daylight saving time started so his normal 7pm bedtime really was the old 6pm and we assumed he'd be up early then. But, actually, he slept late this morning. Leda, on the other hand, is learning to drop her 2nd nap. Which makes her grumpy at the end of the day but has--mostly--let her sleep through the night now.

Forgot to mention last week, too, that this week is Kelly's birthday. Her gift from me already arrived...I bought her Season 1 of Murder She Wrote on dvd. And agreed to watch it with her!...based on the two-hour, badly-done pilot I can't believe they went on to make 13 seasons. Yikes!