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The Lent Project: Day 11

Video: Meet Percy, the cheerful but accident-prone engine. And everybody's favorite hero, Thomas!

Me: That sounds like you, Cole! You're accident-prone. Are you Percy? 

Cole: No.

Me: Are you James?

Cole: No. 

Me: Are you Thomas? 

Cole: No. 

Me: You don't want to be any of the engines? 

Cole: I am none of them! 

That gave me the biggest laugh yesterday afternoon. 

* * *

After a week off, I finally got back in the pool last night...and it felt great! Which was not what I expected after being sick. I had perhaps the best swim workout so far. Worked on a little speed. Found a good distance rhythm at one point. Got some sore muscles, but wasn't having any endurance issues--was reaching a nice threshold that I could maintain with minor breaks. 

I'd limited myself to 20 min given my health and energy levels, but I found I wanted to go even more. I had to force myself to stop while things were going well. I definitely am finding a point in my stroke where I am putting in less overall effort to cover more ground. Some of that is learning the timing--esp on the breathing--but some of that is finding a pace that works. 

I feel like I'm at a good place to start my training program...a week from Monday!