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Germs, NASCAR & Acela

Those are my son's three favorite things right now. I have no idea how it happened. No, actually, I was that difficult part of the day right before their mom comes home from work and I was trying to figure out a new and interesting way to entertain the kids. Never underestimate the power of the internet to find video of anything, no matter how completely random, that you'd like to find. 

So, there I was searching for YouTube videos of trains. (He's a big fan of this Acela 150 mph test run.) And photos of germs under microscopes making pretty patterns even though he has no clue what a germ is. Though he does enjoy laughing at the ones where it shows someone's microbe-infested, unwashed hand--usually on a health website advocating personal hygiene. Which leads into watching live races of "race cars" circling a track over and over again. Bumping, crashing, twangy voices describing the fine art of refueling. 

Let there be no mistake, I am NOT (most definitely) a NASCAR fan. But when your 2 year old wants to watch real life Lightning McQueens on a real live racetrack, it's where you turn. Then, to his enjoyment, we discovered that it appears a gentleman by the name of Kyle Busch drives a car covered in the logo of his favorite after-potty treat. M&Ms. The connections we make! 

I actually encourage you to take a look at the Acela video, it's quite impressive. I see why he likes it. I see a vacation to the Northeast Corridor to take a ride in our future. 


  1. Too bad Kyle Busch is such a schmuck!!

    1. I know nothing of this Kyle Busch fellow. As far as I can tell his primary skills seem to be talking on the radio to a guy with a southern accent while he makes left turns in a very loud machine. lol


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