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Changes in latitude, changes in attitude

As I hinted at in an earlier post, Kelly and I, we're ready for a vacation. I don't want to say I have cabin fever, but I've been trying to pretend the refrigerator light is helping me get a tan when my toddler stands with the door open looking for food. And, for the record, when did I turn into THAT guy telling him to choose something or shut the door?

We've never really been on a vacation together. Not without the kids at least. We've managed one blessed night in Minnesota last year when Kelly's saint of a mother kept Cole and Leda while we got a night away at a local hotel she'd won a stay at. Before the kids, we'd planned a sort of couple-ish camping trip either downstate or to Wisconsin, but it got bogged down in who accepted dogs, finding equipment, and finally ended with us enjoying some local Chicago sights. Amazing fun. But the Baha'i Temple in Wilmette is hardly a romantic location. No offense to the beautiful faith of Baha'i.

So staying true to our character, we've chosen a Friday deadline to each pick 3 spots to research. Basically, where would we like to go for a long weekend? London had been our original intention in the fall, but budget and other concerns have convinced us to scale back, I think.

Unless Kelly wants to splurge on that beach wedding on the Big Island, finally. (For those not in the know, that's been our longstanding inside, half-serious joke is that's the way for me to get to Hawaii finally.)

At this point, I've narrowed my first two options down and am searching for a "change things up" 3rd idea because my first two picks are on the coast. But I've at least roughly got places to stay and activities highlighted. Kelly is not nearly as far along in planning her options, but we've got until Friday.

If you're lucky, I'll fill you in on the finalists. Not sure when we're doing this trip since grandmas must be consulted. But it sure is nice to daydream while I'm stuck inside with a toddler who is currently refusing to nap.