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20-20-24 hours to go...

It's a pretty big day not only for the nation, but for me personally. We're swearing in our first African American President for a second term on the same day we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the fight for civil rights. I said earlier, I wish someone who'd been frozen for a few decades could be thawed for today to see their reaction--that not only is a black man in the White House, but the VIP section for the day had rap icons and a gay bar got name checked during the Inaugural Address. It's a great time to be a Democrat. Liberalism has been mainstreamed and we have the most popular progressive President since FDR.

On the home front for me, Kelly needs to pack her bags because by this time tomorrow she'll be waiting on the car to pick her up for the airport and her business trip. Just me and the kids for about 48 straight hours. Should be lovely trying to get in dog walks considering the wind chill in Chicago tonight is going to be minus 25 F.

I'm not one of those die-hard "every child needs two parents" types, but I do consider myself blessed that Kelly and I are both effective, equal parents who shoulder part of the work for the other. It should be eye-opening being a single parent...even for just two days. I have nothing but respect for the ones who do it every day. I'll be quite thankful when she arrives back home.

When it comes to triathlon, my training plan is still over a month away from officially starting, but being signed up for the gym this weekend is refreshing. I still have to sign a few paperwork items when I go in tonight, but my plan is to get in my first regular pool workout. It's sort of odd to think about turning this far away goal into reality...with slow, hard work obviously. I've been twitchy the last few weeks though...after all that time off since October my body is ready to get back to it.

Wish me luck! I'll keep you updated on it all.