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Dad plays nurse

I have a new respect for Munchausen syndrome the last couple of days. There's a horrible duality to having a sick child.

I've never been so sad about seeing someone else's suffering than having 2 small ones feeling so ill. But, at the same time, I've never felt so useful and delighted to be a parent. It's sort of a mix of the best and worst.

Luckily for us, up to now they've only had stuffy, runny noses that they would mostly play through. A little minor teething pain here and there.

Cole got it first. He'd been fine all morning, went down for a nap, then woke up with a lethargy that is rare to see in a toddler. He just wants to lay on the couch, not eating or drinking, looking pale and feverish, grumpy, answering questions with a simple "uh huh" or shaking his head no.

Leda has the same coughing and snot, but at least a healthy appetite still and wanting to drink plenty of milk...even if it just makes her cough more.

Both of them don't want to play and don't want you to leave them alone for a second. Not to leave the room. Not to go to the bathroom. Not to leave the couch next to them. They're all snuggles and mucous. They're so pathetic it's both heartbreaking and fabulous.

My normally independent, energetic little ones have been reduced to piles of lovey-dovey, grab a blankie, watch a movie while sniffling and rubbing their runny noses all over Kelly and me.

Now, ask me again how I feel about playing nurse when there's vomit instead.