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Triathlon newbie wishlist

My mother asked me what I want for Christmas the other day. And aside from the fact that Kelly and I will not be getting anything for each other even...we have a strict focus on the kids policy...everything I want pretty much is triathlon related. Well, we do want that bike trailer for family rides in the spring.

But, anyway, I thought I'd share my wishlist...mostly for the sake of some of you non-tri types to see what is involved. Forget the $2,000 rear aero wheel I posted yesterday on social media, this is the more mundane stuff. It can be a useful guide for anybody out there wondering what to buy the triathlete in their life though. Or just a rough outline for those curious about the sport to see what kind of equipment we use.

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggle -- $21.99 If you wear glasses like I do, these are a cheap non-Rx way to get pretty close to correcting your blindness. It won't be perfect because they come in matching half-size diopters, but at least you can see the lane lines in the pool.

Profile Design T2 Plus aerobars -- $100 Unless you ride a tri bike, you'll probably want a pair of clip-on aerobars. For you non-tri folk, these are handlebars that attach to your normal handlebars, but allow you to tuck down into a position that reduces air resistance while riding. They also make aero drink bottle systems. Aero seat posts. Aero helmets. Aerobars also come in carbon. These are plain old aluminum.

Pearl Izumi Tri Jersey/Shorts --$60-- In shorter races you have a less-padded short and top that you keep on for all 3 legs of the race. In longer races like Ironman you may take the time to switch into full, regular bike shorts or running shorts. Pearl Izumi makes great stuff. Get your triathlete anything they make and they probably won't complain.

Tires -- Continental, Vittoria, Michelin...700x23 (or 25)...something that balances the line between racing and training. Foldable is nice for stashing in a saddle bag, but are a little more expensive. Tubes to match are cheap and usually come a few in a bag.

CO2 tire inflator -- Lighter and easier than a hand pump that sticks on the bike frame, this is the way to get air in your tires if you have a flat while riding. The tiny cartridges of CO2 hook to your tire valve via an adapter.

Pedals -- This is a whole other discussion, really. Because there are different cycling shoes depending on what type of clipless pedal system you have. Look, Shimano, and Speedplay are popular brands. Basically, these are little cleats that lock into place so you get more power.

And notice I didn't even include on here a wetsuit, transition bag...etc.

If all this sounds like a lot, it is. Triathletes are obsessed with gadgets. Though keep in mind it really is 3 sports in one. (I won't even get into the debate about which company makes the most aerodynamic wheels!)

Just for fun, here's a full race day checklist for athletes to remember to pack's a long list.