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Museum guest...or toddler?

I've been back working at the museum for a few weeks over the busy holiday season...and wondered when I came back what it would be like to adjust to the "regular world" after dealing with toddlers 5 days a week. You decide!

Museum guest...or toddler? 
  • Likes to ask where the snacks are located
  • Doesn't listen or follow simple instructions
  • Tantrums when told they cannot do their favorite activity today
  • Fascinated with trains, submarines, & airplanes
I know some of my coworkers read this so I'll be gentle...I LOVE being a Stay At Home Dad. It's not that I don't enjoy seeing all of you...I do. But the irony is that I'm always being asked about my kids. Which makes me think of my kids. Which makes it harder to be away and makes me remember how great weekends as a family are. 
And, Kelly, you're amazing for putting up with it. Your work, I mean. (Though you're getting pretty good at having dinner ready when I come home on weekend evenings after my work!) It's nice to have the shoe on the other foot for awhile--if only to appreciate what it must be like for you to go to the office and wonder what we're up to. 

Today, I told Cole that his diaper was smelly and he laughed at me. He was proud of himself. And Leda played the recorder from the music set and said, "good job" back to me when I told her she was doing great. 

Whoever is gone misses that kind of stuff.