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Lincoln, Lincoln...

Ironic, right, that I am from the Land of Lincoln yet am not a fan of the man? Don't get me wrong, he did great things. But I'm an FDR guy, myself. I find that old Honest Abe had greatness thrust upon him. A reaction to history rather than a proactive approach. He freed the slaves because he had to. Roosevelt wanted to fight the Nazis before Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt came in and enacted sweeping changes to fix the Great Depression. Roosevelt had a wheelchair.

But I'm going to see the new Lincoln movie tonight once Kelly is done with work. Mostly because it's been ages since I had a Dad Night where I could focus on something of higher intellect than Super Why for more than 5 min at a time. Sitting in a dark theater will be a welcome vacation...even if it means leaving Kelly with our vampire of a 1 year old who has been going to bed past 11pm lately and complaining about being in her own bed. Heck, she doesn't want to be in ours. She wants to play. I'm off topic here.

It seems relevant in today's fractured political world that we look to history for an even more fractured time. You can't get much more fractured than Civil War. At least our own debate about big government hasn't broken out into armed conflict...even if Obama's victory has people petitioning the White House to secede.