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We're trying to get Leda to walk tonight before bed. Because if she doesn't do it this weekend, chances are that one parent will miss it. Unless, of course, she chooses to take her first steps between the hours of 5pm and 10pm when we're both home.

You see, this is our last weekend of relaxation before I head back to work. Not that the summer was filled with boring snoozing naps...we packed it full. But starting this week it's trade-off time for a couple of months. Kelly works, I watch the kids. Switch! Daddy heads off to the museum while mom is on duty. It's nice to have the kind of job and the kind of boss where I can randomly get in touch about coming back as a seasonal thing. The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year with extra exhibitions, celebrations, and long lines of guests to handle. So I'm back in the saddle for November and December (and a couple weekends in October and January). It's quite literally been a year since I left. Last year at this time we were knee deep in NICU visits. Working again is a blessing on multiple fronts.

The air conditioners are still in. It's rained a lot lately and the last thing you want to do is put wet air conditioners in a basement storage locker to sit over the winter. And I'm planning a bike ride tomorrow since it's supposed to be sunny and mild. Probably my last ride until spring. I can always use the indoor trainer in the basement that Kelly's bike is currently in. I'm planning on doing my old favorite trail, but this time it will probably be covered in leaves and the woods will be much less green. It's been over a month since I was on the bike and even longer since I made the 25 mile ride. I started cutting back on the biking when the marathon training really hit its peak. We may throw a trip to the zoo in there and I got some pumpkin cookies baked this afternoon.

It's going to be weird to be back on the L for a commute again though. Packing a lunch? Getting up to make sure the dog is walked before I leave. Let's see if a year of learning to handle a toddler helps me have a little more patience in the workplace. (Or is it the opposite and I wish adults would learn to act like adults?)