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Repost from the Endurance Sports page

*Note: some users (Internet Explorer) may have issues loading the Endurance Sports tab. The following is my Race Week update for your convenience. (FYI Google Chrome runs the tab page ok.)

This is my first marathon with 2 kids. Last year, after running Twin Cities the week before, I volunteered at Chicago the next week only to come home for a family pizza lunch that ended in labor.

The advice about staying off your feet, getting in a short run, resting, and eating properly is difficult. The thing I've managed to do well is drink plenty of water. But the eating is harder than you'd think...either cramming some carbs in while the kids are napping or figuring out what will be good for a marathoner AND two toddlers. Because, really, my daughter is no longer a baby after this week.

Tonight is a baked pasta that should last 2 dinners, but we'll be trying to fix it around Kelly attending a condo-related meeting. Tomorrow is packet pickup. Saturday morning I will be picking up the grandmas at the airport.

I've at least managed some chicken and rice, a baked potato last night, some oatmeal for lunch yesterday, and we had Chipotle on Tuesday. Chicken and noodles is what we're serving for Leda's birthday party meal. A nice crowd pleaser that fills the double purpose of salty carbs and bland for me.

I think someone less experienced with endurance racing may be more intimidated. This would not be the smoothest, most relaxing week for a first timer. By now, I know what to expect though. Between the weather, my pacing/nutrition strategy, and confidence in my training, I'm feeling pretty confident of a PR.

Not cocky. Just ready to perform. All that's left is to do it.

I think that's something I'm getting used to as I attempt to approach the idea of triathlon and even an Ironman with 2 kids. Racing is not my job. Just a hobby. Admittedly a hobby I'm very fond of, take seriously, and want to personally achieve goals in.

At the end of the day, I try to remember that this is fun though. This is my happy place that gives me balance in the rest of life and gives me something to look forward to that's mine. I love my kids. But a few things you do for yourself.

Almost anybody can run a marathon or finish an Ironman. I mean that. But you have to want it. If you don't want it, why bother? Go garden. Fix cars. Learn photography. Sure, my hobby improves my health and fitness and will make me live longer than if my hobby were painting or building model airplanes.

But this falls into the category of people needing to do what they love in life. This is the week I live for. As the sun rises in Grant Park on Sunday, it's one of the greatest feelings--up there with when my kids were born--knowing you have a very, very difficult task ahead. You're surrounded by 45,000 people all there for the same thing.

Respect the distance.