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Playgroup meltdown x 2

Monkey see, monkey do?

Cole was super excited about playgroup today. We missed last week because of post-marathon colds and he was ready to leap out of the car. "Ready!" he told me. He ran straight into the room and began playing. He found plastic ducks you can make chains out of and was showing all the parents, asking them for help, and making a couple of friends.

Leda was having a fantastic time, by the way.

One of Cole's new friends (another 2 year old--they are the older kids in this bunch), however, didn't want to share and threw a full-on-the-carpet tantrum then insisted they go home after only about 20-30 minutes. Well, we'd see them upstairs later. Apparently, she got herself under control.

Cole was happily playing with the piano on the stage when he met Mr. Meltdown though. One of the parents had moved the bench he wanted to let some other kids have better access and Cole flipped. He came screaming down to the carpeted area to give me a hug and cry...which was sweet. But he was done. I'm not sure if it was the bench per se. Or another adult telling him no. Or just not getting his way.

He wanted to take one of the plastic ducks home which was another crying fit. When we ran into his friend upstairs, they nicely offered to stay and play with some of the children's area toys and books there, but he was in no mood. It was car/blankie/milk time and he's actually been fine ever since.

Back to my earlier observation, kids love adventure but it also has to have a strong dose of the familiar. Today's playgroup was extraordinarily large compared to other weeks we've gone. Lots of kids, lots of moms. Perhaps just overwhelming.