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Next racing season

The irony is that this was supposed to be my 2nd running-related post today. (It will be Oct by the time you read this--Race Week--but I'm writing it the same day in July as the news breaks about updated Start Corrals for the Chicago Marathon.) In reality, it's my 3rd running post today.

The wave start in Grant Park isn't the deciding factor for me...really it's not that big a deal. But I find it funny that in my head I was already moving away from marathoning when this happens. Something I read earlier today about what event to do said, "do what you want, not what you should." I think I'm going to take that advice and go with it.

This week marks my 5th marathon. 3x in Chicago now. It's not currently my PR course...though we'll see after Oct. 7...but it was the race that sucked me into endurance sports. It was what inspired me, convinced me that I am capable of whatever I put my mind to, gave me self-confidence, and is just a good fun time. That this may be my last for awhile is bittersweet.

But I'm not really saying goodbye to 26.2. More like moving on to challenge and push myself harder. I'm not sure it's a "natural" progression. For me, at least, it is. So what do I have planned for next racing season? It's more about the season after that if all goes how I'd like. 

Next year, I'm hoping to do a couple of "warmup" triathlons to get my feet wet in the sport. Then for 2014, I'm hoping to complete an Ironman.

Yep, you read that right. Some of you who I've been talking to about running already figured out my intentions I'm guessing. I'd probably do Wisconsin or Louisville. That's a whole other topic. Next year is probably an Olympic. Maybe a sprint.

But 140.6 is where I want to be. 2.4 miles of open water. 112 miles on the bike. 26.2 marathon. You get 17 hours to finish.

Or maybe I just really want to hear Mike Reilly say, "!" 

Oh, and this is how your day starts.

In related news, you'll notice that at the top of the blog there is now a tab to a separate page for Endurance Sports. I'll try to keep all the swimming, biking, and running there. You all seem to mostly want to read about parenting, but for those who want to see it will be easy to find.