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Toddler fashion

My son, literally, wiped my kiss off his cheek this afternoon. So it begins. He's also sitting, literally, on his sister as I write this. Yep, it's like that.

Cole's new obsession is picking out his clothes. We're not quite to the dress-yourself stage yet, but it's enough to require a change in drawer location for his shirts. It used to be his favorite thing in the world was running around in nothing but a diaper. No more. He immediately demands pants and a shirt. Preferably a shirt he's selected himself...usually with Thomas on the front.

And heaven forbid his shirt gets wet. Due to handwashing, sippy cup spills, or just plain spit, any dampness on a t-shirt is grounds for a fresh, dry top. Marinara he doesn't care so much's that feeling of wet shirt he doesn't enjoy.

His other amusing new behavior is that he likes to go in the big bed in our room and pretend to sleep. He climbs in, pulls the covers up to his neck, and then makes snoring noises while laying on the pillow. Of course, this is usually followed by maniacal laughing. But we love it. Sometimes he invites us to lay down on either side of him. Sometimes he kicks us out.

I've also gotten my first kiss from HIM in the past couple days. He's not an "affectionate" little boy so you have to learn to appreciate the ways he shows love. He'll giggle and scream and wrestle with you on the floor, but in general you're grasping air if you want a hug. He'll snuggle in the chair, he'll run up and headbutt you if he missed you. That's the way he works.

He's been giving his mom little hen-peck kisses on the cheek for a few weeks. They're always when it's quiet, completely unexpected, and they're always very gentle. He won't do it on demand. It's like some special prize you only get if you truly deserve it. Well, sitting in the chair with him, I felt something brush my hand and realized he'd given me a Coley kiss. I thanked him and made a big deal out of it and he just smiled.

I'd finally earned it.