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Playgroup not storytime

The deal was that if Cole doesn't go to preschool this year, I have to make a real effort to socialize him. The initial idea being storytimes. But those have been a bust since all he wants to do is head to the library toy room, run around, and then throw a tantrum at the idea of being forced into a room for singing and books.

So today I took a different tack. Let's try playgroup instead.

I still had to lure him a bit. But this was a branch--not the main library--so it was a new-to-him tiny building to explore. Compared to our millions of dollars glass, sleek, modern structure with conveyor belt book return, this brick version was refreshingly old-fashioned.

I got him to get in the elevator--an easy sell--but the meeting room where the playgroup meets was a different bar to clear. The promise of toys (mainly) and other kids was too much to not give in though. He immediately found the plastic balls, blocks, wooden whatevers, danced to the cd they put on, and overall enjoyed playing. Even if it wasn't exactly WITH other kids. At this age, they tend to play around each other individually anyway.

Most of the "toddlers" were actually younger than him verging on infant. Several babies Leda's age or younger, actually. Which was fine--she enjoyed herself, too. I was the only dad (though one set of visiting grandparents from Germany came), but the moms and I had lots in common because we talked about Mom Mail and someone picked my brain about the area Meetup group for dads. Several of the moms were used to each other enough that they didn't mind jumping in with other people's kids. Cheerios were shared. Everyone indulged everyone else's kid in a fun way...very laidback. Very friendly. I think we'll go again next week because Cole especially had fun. Which was the goal.

The highlight for him was climbing onto the stage of the meeting room where the group is held. Against the back wall there is an upright piano and the kids found it. Not sure if that's strictly ok or not. But Cole spent a good chunk of our time sitting on the piano bench pounding the keys. High and low and soft and loud.

Next time, I'm guessing I'll have no trouble convincing him to go into the playgroup room.


  1. Last week Evan started a 2 year old preschool program that meets one hour a week. Have you considered anything like that? He went today and no one had to convince him to leave grandma, he took off into the room without even a good-bye.
    Also Evan can help socialize with Cole now that he isn't germy.

  2. Yeah, the preschool program we looked at was only 2 days or something. I think even 3 year old preschool we can send him 2 days if we wanted. We were just trying to be frugal and honestly the 2 year old room looked more like daycare. The 3 year old room is cool with the hamsters and artwork and whatnot. Yes, we need to do a playdate!


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