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My kids crack me a good way

If you happen to know us personally, you probably wouldn't recognize the kids. Even if you've seen them early in the summer...they've changed that much. Later in the month, we're about to reconnect with some of our NICU buddies and we can't wait to see the little girl in the bed nextdoor. We hear she's in 18 month clothes now.

Cole is, well, he's a two year old little boy. If he's not running, he's hitting. If he's not hitting, he's screaming. If he's not screaming, he's eating. If it's not eating, he's playing with trucks.

The funny thing about Cole, however, is that as long as his sister's attention isn't focused on him he looks out for her. She's reached a point where she's just old enough to be dangerous. She can stand and wants to eat big people food. She is curious about everything. But Cole knows she's not supposed to be in the dog dish, the bathroom, the kitchen, or eating his slices of apple. And he makes sure you know it!

He won't even settle down in the chair for bedtime if he sees his sister speed-crawling down the hallway to forbidden items. Though I'm not sure it's entirely out of brotherly love. More like he doesn't want her getting away with anything. Fair enough. We're always explaining that he's bigger, older, stronger and needs to be gentle, tolerant, more responsible...don't leave foods that are choking hazards on the floor for your sister! And while this unfairness frequently manifests in also brings out an element of bartering in him. I love nothing better than seeing my son trying to steal something he wants by offering Leda an inferior toy. The boy knows value, even if he has a few things to learn about sharing.

Heaven help us though--potty training seems to be on the horizon in the very near future.