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That delicate topic for dudes

Wow, so many comments against circumcision I'm reading today! I thought there needed to be a supportive "pro" voice out there..

I was happy to see the AAP policy change today because it caught up to the science that has come out over the last few years showing the health benefits of circumcision. My view as a father was the same on this as immunizations. My duty as a parent is to use the info that is available to make the best health decisions for my son in the longterm. 

That meant lowering his risk...regardless of what his feelings/rights, etc are. It wasn't the last time lately I've done something for his own good that he didn't enjoy!

In the end, yes, it is a parent's decision...I don't agree with attempts to ban the procedure altogether...but I firmly come down on the side of science on this one. If you make a list of advantages and disadvantages, I certainly hope: A) my son would have the common sense to pick the side with the greater logic to it B) he's thankful that that decision was made LONG before he was old enough to remember it. lol