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My daughter the Gizmo/Gremlin

By day, she's cute as a button. All smiles, pulling herself to standing on you, she even seemed to ask "up" onto the couch last night. She follows you around the house for big person food which, if you let her try it, she makes a face and spits out. She has a fondness for shredding and then eating rolls of toilet paper. And standing at the dog bowl and playing in the water. She also loves cords...chewing on them. She now has two bottom teeth even.

But at night she turns into a screaming monster who now refuses to be put down and demands to be held back to sleep if she happens to wake up. You MUST hold her in exactly the right position to fall asleep. If she wakes up and you're not in the immediate area, she sits up and looks around wondering why you haven't taken drastic, severe measures to come to her rescue. She's even got that cute arms wide "pick me up" stance now when you reach down to get her.

Last night, she decided to wake up and a pacifier wasn't good enough. She needed me standing in the room waiting for her to fall asleep. But, really, that wasn't enough either. She then decided she wanted to be held. "No, maybe I'll have a bottle, dad, thanks." Then I just wasn't good enough altogether and the screaming commenced again until mama would come snuggle her in the chair in the living room.

Yep, that's my daughter. Thank goodness she doesn't multiply when she gets wet like in the movie.


  1. Looks like you have an Evan. At nearly 2 he still does this most nights. And Eric wonders why we still cosleep and breastfeed. It's so I can get a tad bit of sleep.


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