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Let's go to the movies!

Our local movie chain was showing Winnie The Pooh in the town's historic theater as part of their $1 Wednesday kids series this morning. So why not, right? If Cole screams and wants to leave when the lights go down it's a walk up the street and a dollar. Let's try it.

After a dismal doctor's appointment yesterday for his 2 year checkup...medically, everything is fine and no shots were given...where he cried literally almost the entire hour we were there, this seemed like a risky trial.

But, for once lately, my kid was the angel. Now, I can't say the same about the awful, awful parents out there who chose to bring their little demons out. It was a packed house and Cole's behavior had nothing to do with me wanting to never go again.

Kids running up and down the aisles, the audio of the movie barely rising above the noise of crying and talking children, the dad sitting next to me (who came late) I moved my stuff so he and his daughter could sit. Well, he left his stroller in the aisle and a few kids tripped over it and fell.

My kid? Got him a fruit snacks and lemonade and he was good to go. He was a little antsy until the previews since he had no idea why we were all sitting in seats staring at a big blank wall. But once the lights went dark he just sat back and watched. The entire thing. Including previews. Quietly. On my lap. Except for clapping during one part he--for no apparent reason--apparently found to his liking.

He then walked the whole way home (20 min or so) stopping only a couple times for breaks.

The bigger question is how both these little ones will do on the 7 hour drive to Grandma's house tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the nice comment on my IMWI race report! I saw your tweet about the P&G campaign. Until late June, that was my job for 3 years. I loved working on it, but needed to explore new opportunities.

  2. What did you do for P&G? I try not to get too "what about dads" because I think the best thing we can do is We don't need to make too many waves about pay attention to me if it's only a matter of time before companies start to figure out that I buy the laundry detergent & diapers in our house. lol I'm aiming for IMWI 2014 with a couple next yr to "get my feet wet" since I'm moving from marathon. Kelly is taking me to watch (she's done it) in Sept so I get a taste. I'm excited.


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