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Cat karma...

This post needs 2 disclaimers.

1) I am NOT a cat person.

2) Our neighbors could--in theory though highly doubtful--read this so I'm not going to say what I REALLY feel necessarily.

Sometimes, your good karma isn't enough to overcome someone else's bad karma.

Our weekend was unintentionally busy...with nothing in particular. It was one of those situations where we had no agenda yet found it filled with errands and to-do items.

Among the Saturday tasks, we recycled an old flat screen tv that was broken...karma from Mother Earth.

Then, as we were loading the car to go to Target, a cat comes running up to me in our alley like it's my best friend...very strange considering most cats know that I am no member of the Friends of the Cat society.

It did the cute leg rub thing and wanted attention more than most strays in the neighborhood who--rightly--run off hissing under a bush for urban defense.

I picked this kitty up to look at its tag and it settled into my arms for a cuddle. It was local, had a phone number, and an electronic collar.

So we dialed. No answer. "Hi, we're your neighbors and your cat was in our parking area in the alley."

I walked the cat through our yard to the front so I could go ring the buzzer for its apartment. No answer. Damn. What do we do with this f-in cat now? Our dog would eat it so our condo isn't the answer. It has no claws and obviously no predator avoidance skills so we can't leave it in the yard. The kids are restless, we have to go, but on the other hand I'm not going to dump a poor creature back in the alley to sink or swim.

Luckily, at the exact moment I'm pondering all this, a neighbor came out the front door...or someone. I ran up asking, "are you the owner of the lost cat?" No, but she knows the cat. Er, the owners.

Left cat with neighbor. Left message with owners. Get a text message while at the store thanking us.

Good karma all around, though I'll leave it to the reader to decide how they feel about an "outdoor" declawed cat in a non-fenced backyard.

I shut my phone off when going to bed--we go to bed early--but turned it on again while eating my Cheerios at 5am before my long run yesterday. I'd received a late night plea...

The cat was gone again. this time, somebody had thrown the GPS locator on a roof where the cat couldn't possibly be and the cat was missing.

That's the last I heard. All I said to our neighbors--who we don't know, by the way--is how terrible that was and we'd let them know if we see the cat.

Let's hope the cat has some good's going to need it. This just seemed like one of those scenarios where doing the right thing doesn't always produce the result you intended.