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If I promise to talk about Cole at the end, will you please read this?

I apologize for the non-parenting post. Apparently, you folks don't like it when I don't talk about kids. They're my least read updates. Seriously. Half as many clicks! Go figure. Good thing this is a dad blog because apparently I'm bad at talking about everything else? My readership only finds children interesting? I dunno.

Anyway, you can quit reading now if you don't want to hear about cycling or me having a beer with one of the village trustees last night. That's what I've been up to, sorry!

Wednesday evening, on a whim, I decided to meetup with the Oak Park Cycle Club for one of their regular rides. I've been running again for 3 years and have never followed through with a group club run, so I don't know why I suddenly got the urge to be social about my recreation. The group organizes at a park near the library and about 5 of us showed up. I was hoping they'd take their "regular route" because it would have been new to me. But they were bored with it and decided to go the Prairie Path which I'd been on before. In fact, we turned around at the same spot I made it to previously. But the ride was fun getting to meet some new people. It's not something I think I'd do every week as a regular, but we'll see. I may need to try out their faster Tuesday rides that are less leisurely. I think I could make it in their slow group.

Then last night I had been invited from some e-mailing about local issues to have a beer with one of the village trustees. We went to the bar down the street--which sits in the middle of a controversial streetscaping project so we had plenty to talk about. I really enjoyed the discussion and we have promised to do it again sometime. It's interesting, because he tends to vote probably about how I would and our overall political leanings are probably about the same. But in talking, we come to our conclusions for very different reasons. We covered a pretty wide range of topics...not the least of which is that he's pretty sure someone will pull our local intersection issue off the consent agenda whenever it comes up and ask for discussion about it. Which makes it more important than ever to get some of my neighbors back involved.

So, ok, I can't go away completely for the weekend without mentioning the kids...
I think we're skipping swim lesson tomorrow. Kelly suggested it first though I was quietly considering it in the back of my head. I'm not sure it's a good answer, but for now it works. It's a fine line between making your kids miserable to teach them a lesson and not wanting to make them miserable. With a strong dash of "let the other kids have fun" thrown in. We'll keep up the regular pool visits on our own. But at this point, it just doesn't seem productive to take him to the organized group.

Plus, he's not old enough for us to scream "quit crying and have fun, damn it!" yet.