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It wasn't our weekend...

Actually, we had a lovely weekend. It just had a few...hiccups.

Friday afternoon I went out of my way to go back to the specialty bike shop for a test ride. Shout out to The Bike Shop in Glen Ellyn where they have awesome service, a nice selection, and patient answers to questions! For me, it was between a Felt Verza and the Scott Metrix. Which involved 3 bikes because the Felt has 2 versions--one where you can lock the suspension on the front fork. Ultimately, the Scott won though the Felt was a more comfortable bike. I liked the handling and more sporty aspects of the Scott, plus the shifter style. So really the choice was between the upper model Felt and the Scott...over $100 in price. So far, I've taken 2 rides on my new Scott and love it though.

But there I am, in the store, and decide to actually buy the new bike...which I wasn't sure I would do. And now I'm on my way to the grocery with no bike rack on the Subaru so they were nice enough to hold my purchase until I could come get it later in the weekend.

Saturday morning was a whirlwind of trying to get the family out of the house in time for swim lessons after picking up our CSA farm box (and getting gas in the car). We left with just enough time to spare only to find our easy route to the pool blocked by some sort of charity church walk. Which sent us around the village only to get instructions from a police officer guiding traffic that was something along the lines of "sorry folks, just park here and walk." Though arriving for the lesson 10 minutes late probably didn't hurt when it comes to easy-tantrum 2 year olds who constantly whine in their mother's ear throughout the entire time in the pool. 

The intent was for Kelly to change clothes in the locker room while I took Cole to the car to change him. Then we could head straight for the museum to meet her friends. But Kelly forgot key items of clothing for herself so we had to go home first. And in the chaos, the pool bag that had the camera and Cole's sandals got taken inside. 


So there we are, loading the stroller in the Museum of Science and Industry parking garage when we realize we have a barefoot Cole with no shoes in sight. Do not panic. Go inside, tell your waiting friends that you're horrible parents who will return as soon as your kid has shoes. Resist the urge to let your toddler run around the museum in bare feet. I was tempted. Instead, drive up Lake Shore Drive to the Target on Roosevelt Road. Thank you, Target...especially for easy, free parking! 

Buy your son a pair of $10 flip flops...why do kids' shoes cost more? Return to museum for your old coworkers to hold your baby. 

We had a great time and spent much longer at MSI than I thought our kids could handle. Cole must have sat in the cab of the combine in the farm exhibit for 10 minutes. He loved the fat tractor tires, the baby chicks...he's turning into such a little person when you take him for a day out. He sat in an adult seat at the table in the cafeteria and ate lunch even. We came home Saturday, exhausted, and pretty much all of us fell asleep immediately. 

Yesterday, we took a mini-road trip to the far, far northwest region of the Chicagoland area to visit Kelly's dad. It's usually lunch and some playground time for Cole. Then we stopped and picked up my bike on the way home. The "forgetting" them continued with Kelly leaving her phone on the charger in the kitchen. 

We'd intended to go to a free summer concert in the park last night...but it was just too much. Plus I was distracted by my new sweet ride. I couldn't resist taking it for a spin before I needed to be home to put the kids to bed. I forgot all about the concert until Kelly said something. Theme continued. Are we that old? 

Oh, and last but not least...Leda has officially run out of (and will no longer be on) the medication she started when she was about a week old! figure out what one wears to speak in front of a committee tonight.