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Fathers Day weekend

Since weather records began, there is only one year in Chicago--1977--that has had more 90 degree days by the end of June. Today is number 12. (Tom Skilling says so and this makes it true...he's the best weatherman in the world. Sorry, Al Roker.) So it feels like summer is in full swing.

This weekend, as I wrote about awhile ago how our summer would be, was jam-packed full of activities. That's what you do in the Midwest...load Memorial Day to Labor Day with as much action as you can because we won't see the sun until maybe April. If we're lucky.

So Friday was a zoo morning. Where Cole fell and scraped both his knees running near the giraffe pen.

Then we went to the pool in the evening to cool off. And it was up bright and early Saturday morning--back to the pool for Cole's first swim lesson. Which is like trying to herd cats...getting 30 toddlers to throw their rubber duck and chase after it. Cole loved that game for about 20 minutes but when it was time to switch to other songs and games, he ended up crying, exiting the pool, and we gave up to go to the farmers market and pick up our farm box.

Saturday evening I met some former coworkers from the museum at a Mexican restaurant in the Loop for dinner. Food was good. It was great to see old friends. But I won't mention the name of the place because the service was horrible--I'm hoping because we were such a large group.

Sunday morning for Fathers Day, I chose for us to all go to Morton Arboretum in the morning because they have a wonderful Children's Garden which Cole loved. He even took his stuffed horse...who decided it was thirsty enough to "drink" from one of the fountains. We then carried around wet stuffed animal the rest of the day.

My Fathers Day gift I'm very excited about and that has occupied the rest of my time since Sunday...Kelly is getting me a bicycle. Which has to be a kind of do-it-all machine. Fitness, possible triathlon, city streets, prairie path, we may even get a trailer for the kids to ride in.

So today we went to the pool this morning and now when both (yes both) kids wake up from their naps we're going to a bike shop in the far western burbs to do a little shopping. I've been doing research but need some professional opinions about what is going to work best for me and offer the best value.

And by the time we regroup from last weekend it will be time for the next...Kelly is having visitors and we're driving out to see her dad. Hopefully home in time for concert in the park.



  1. Is this Cole's first scraped knee? Evan always has several scrapes on his knees in different stages of healing.


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