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My brain never really came home from Minnesota. We're still trying to recover from the collective family colds, but mostly I've spent the last week in vacation mode. Sort of a Margaritaville state of mind. I think it's a combination of things...summer is here. We had a pretty amazing time all things considered. It's got me already looking forward to more journeys.

To the point where I've got the next 3 trips already started in my head.

I consider the last couple days the unofficial start to summer in the side yard. The kids have been outside with Leda rolling around on a blanket happily. Cole playing with rocks and sticks. Yesterday, we sat at the patio table and got covered in watermelon juice from the first one of the season.

I probably should start paying more attention to London...and I actually have a list of what we want to see, hotels, and am starting to make an itinerary. But, really, my mind has been drifting more towards travel with the kids. I've got their first trip to Disney World all planned in my head. Well, mostly.

Of course, as Kelly and I were discussing last night we'll see if they are the kind of kids who want to go there. I very much grew up a Disney theme park nut, but Kelly is not a huge fan. We'll see which way the genes go on that one. We were watching a show about guest ranches and commented that they very well could be the outdoor vacation type. Or Colonial Williamsburg. Who knows.

Then there is the 100 mile mountain trail team race I want to drag Kelly on over the Rockies in Colorado.

For now, we've got a long, action-filled summer to enjoy first. Starting with a visit from family this weekend. Cookouts, trips to the zoo, swim lessons and pool passes, farmers market, a half marathon, trip to Ohio for a wedding, Cole's 2nd birthday.

Oh, and you didn't forget Father's Day is coming up, did you?

And at the end of it, my daughter turns one the same weekend as the marathon. See you on Columbus Day!