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Hello, Russia!

I'm trying to figure you people out.

In honor of the approaching 5000 reader milestone, I'm taking a look at who you are. Learn my audience, so to speak.

And 210 of you are from Russia. Weird.
42 from Germany.
39 from the UK.
22 from Canada. Eh?
19 of you from Hong Kong.
Malaysia, Belgium, Brazil in there, too.

Of course, 4,397 of you are Americans. What's up?

38% of you use Internet Explorer. 19% use Safari. 15% Chrome. 13% Firefox.

60% of you use Windows. Interestingly, the next most popular operating system is Android at 18%. Mac is a tiny little 8%. iPhone is a even less 4%. iPod & Blackberry 2%.

My favorite keyword search is "dad I have to potty." Which, I think, probably was looking for another blog. A few came looking for coffee info. Someone was looking for "blankie for adults."

Your favorite posts (or at least the ones with the most views):

My memorial to my former professor

The crazy marathon/Leda's birth & NICU week

Rude breastfeeding & other bad parenting

In that order.

Well, thanks for stopping by. It's an honor to think that anybody has any interest in the things I have to say about parenting. When I started this blog, I figured it would be read by a few family members. Turns out, people as far away as China want to know what it's like for an American Stay At Home Dad raising two kids under 3 in the suburbs of Chicago.

I'll try to continue to keep it up.